Realtree Camo Truck Interior (& Exterior)

Most of us have seen the awesome pics of trucks with camo dashboards like this one clad in Realtree camo:

Realtree truck interior

Have you ever wondered how to get it done? It’s called Camo dipping – and you can do it to truck interiors and exteriors, bikes, rims, ATVs, guns and a lot more.

A company out of Missouri named Dynamic Finishes (that’s one of their finished product images above) does dipping with Realtree camo and they have a pretty cool video that shows you how the process is done (to goose calls no less!) on their site.

So what’s the cost? Camo dipping your entire shotgun or rifle will run you about $200. Sights and scopes run at around $80 and semi automatic handguns – assuming you get the entire gun dipped – costs about $175. These prices assume you have someone like Dynamic Finishes custom dip the item for you.

Looking for something a little more cost effective (and also a little more DIY)? Then you may want to check out a company called Camo Wraps that offers – as you’d expect – camo wraps. While cheaper than camo dipping, you have to install the wrap yourself. Which makes sense considering a full truck wrap kit is only $1000 (shotgun and rifle camo wraps run at about the $25 mark).

If you’re looking for local camo dipping (or wrapping) companies, you can find a list of authorized companies on the official Realtree site.


  1. Korvey says

    I’m wanting my boyfriends inside of his truck with that wrap. How do I get y’all to do that and how much?

    • says

      As I mentioned in the post, Realtree lists a lot of authorized dealers that do local camo dipping on their site – the other option is to get a camo wrap for your truck… both links are in the post above. :)

      • Eric says

        I was looking at some rims that someone on ebay was selling and I could not get an answer from them. I wanted to know if the wrapped rims had been weather tested (snow, rain, salt. mud etc) If you could, please give me the rundown on how long the dipped wraps should hold up.

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