Mossy Oak Camo Acoustic (& Electric) Guitars

An acoustic guitar in Mossy Oak camo? Yep. I came across this while doing some shopping for my music inclined (though not camo inclined – not sure what I did wrong there, haha) daughter. And as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be featured on Random Things Camo.

Mossy Oak Camo Acoustic Guitar

Mossy Oak guitar

Who wouldn’t want to be holding this around the campfire? It’s high enough quality that an experienced player wouldn’t feel like the guitar wasn’t up to standard, but inexpensive enough that you don’t need to overstress about bringing it on a camping trip (my husband plays and doesn’t like bringing his expensive Taylor guitar on outdoors trips).

You can find the guitar shown above on Amazon here.

What’s better than a Mossy Oak Camo Guitar? Why a second Mossy Oak guitar in a different camo pattern of course!

Mossy Oak 6 String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

mossy oak dreadnought guitar

As with the above, great for camping but in a much different camo pattern. You can find this version available from AAA Music on Amazon here.

One step better? It appears there’s also a Mossy Oak Acoustic Electric guitar as well!

Indiana Graphic Mossy Oak Acoustic-Electric Guitar

mossy oak acoustic electric guitar

The above is the Indiana Graphic Top MO-1CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Mossy Oak Infinity camo. For just a little more than the guitars above, you can have both acoustic and electric options. The guitar features Spruce top linden wood back and sides, a hardwood fretboard and bridge, sealed die cast tuning machines and an on board chromatic tuner. You can get full details on Amazon here.

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